logo whiteThe Radio business in Antigua and Barbuda has become very competitive.  There are currently more than 25 radio stations broadcasting in Antigua and more are coming.  According to the — survey VibzFM has been on the list of the top three radio stations on the island and we intend to do all in our power to keep it that way.


The format of VibzFM is music and entertainment.  Our format reaches across the demographics of 18 to 26, and 26 to 45.  These are the young and trendy people who spend the most money on entertainment, the new and latest apparel, the new and latest cars, the new and latest technologies using cellphones and other smart devices etc.   Therefore, our customers have always been very pleased with the results and the value they gain from repeatedly advertising with VibzFM


We have been very vigilant and aggressive in our programing approach to focus and concentrate on this demographic without any deviation.    While we consider our radio station among the most successful in Antigua, the government has approved four (4) additional radio licenses over the last year.  Three of these stations are scheduled to begin broadcasting within the next three months.


Looking at all of the above, our management team has embarked on an action plan to create and develop a new business strategy that would ensure that VibzFM retains and maintains our current pioneer position in the market.